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    1 store. 2 floors.

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    1 store. 2 floors.

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It's shopping, decorating and a trip to the museum all in one! The Bemis Bath Shoppe, located in historic downtown Sheboygan Falls amid charming shops and restaurants, embodies the luxurious bathing experience. Along with hundreds of artistically displayed toilet seats and historic company images, the inspirational bath vignettes feature stylish bath and body products and endless design ideas.

Watch our short Bemis Bath Shoppe Video!

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Toilet Seats

Toilet seats of every shape, color, size and function can be found at the Bemis Bath Shoppe. Various lifestyle vignettes provide working displays of slow closing toilet seats, easy to clean lift off toilet seats, a personal cleansing spa, and much more!

Learn More: Toilet Seat Basics

View all of our toilet seats and specifications. Click here

Bath Products

The Bemis Bath Shoppe offers a wide selection of high quality, luxurious, yet useful bath products.

  • Towels
  • Shower Curtains
  • Pajamas, robes, and slippers
  • Soaps & lotions
  • Cleaning products
  • Bath accessories
  • Home fragrances
  • Candles
  • Kids' bath toys
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Photo Gallery

IMG 6428
IMG 5683
Badger Red Seat
Brewer White Seat
Packer Green Seat
Bathroom Tile Design
Mrs. Meyers
Thymes Lav
Honey Almond
Tooth Fairy Pillow
Bath Toys
Bath Mats
Shower Curtain
Sign. Towels
Bath Mats 1
Shower Curtain Options
Dutch House Caramels
History Area
Snoozies 1
Bath Salt Set
Bath SHoppe At Night 1
Bath Shoppe Exterior
Lug Bag
Eucalyptus Thymes
Olivina Men
Juniper Tonic
Thymes Eucalyptus 1
Thymes Euca.
Lug & Thymes
Lug Tango
583SLOW 000 M Fan
Color Wall
Soft Seats
Image Test
Bathroom Decor Idea
Natural Reflections Bamboo Seat
Chocolate Classic Color Toilet Seat
Living Coral
Next Step into Potty Training
Little 2 Big
Pacific Blue Living Coral
Radiance Best Seat
Classic color reds
Little 2 Big Image
Little 2 Big Potty Seat
IMG 7505
IMG 7526
IMG 7482
IMG 7486
IMG 7493
IMG 7504
IMG 7510
IMG 7529
Pirate Tooth Fairy
IMG 7531
IMG 7533
IMG 7535
IMG 7542
IMG 7549
IMG 7550
IMG 7554
IMG 7556
IMG 7544
IMG 7549
IMG 7560
IMG 7561
IMG 7565
IMG 7489
Dutch House Caramels
Gift Craft Dress 3
Plaid Girls Top
Hand Washing
Affinity No Chandalier For Web
Classic Greys
Mayfair Weave
Complement Your Decor
Moving 1
Nat Insp Home Frag
Color Change
Black Color
IMG 2711
Potty Training Tip
Potty Training Tip
Skip the Hassle
Trucomfort Details
Natural Reflections
130 Chsl
Push N Clean
Child Bathroom
Seat Material Choices
Toilet Training Tip
Sea Green
Spring Model
Family Photo Album
Mud Pie Back
Mixture Showerbomb
Lug Orbit
Choo Choo Pill
Lug Compass
Lug Wristlet
New Sweater
Mud Pie Sweater
Lug Backpack
Lug Floral
Mixture Votive
Mixture Metal
Mixture Votive1
Nat Insp Hand Cream

Contact Us

Bemis Bath Shoppe
512 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
Phone: 920.467.1314
Toll-free: 888.599.8881

Store Hours

Mon - Wed: 9am - 5pm
Thur - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 9am - 3pm
Sun: Closed
Temporary Business Hours

Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Curbside pick-up available by calling 920.467.1314.

We appreciate your patience during temporary hours and thank you for your business!
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